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Talk to [Instance] Bast npc near Supplies Khait, he shouts at 0 am, 3 am, 6 am, 9 am, 12 pm, 3 pm, 6 pm, 9 pm server time.

In this order : Visitor, Veteran, Elite, Nightmare.

NO Vital Waters in inventory or Bast will not let you sign up.

Recommendations are used once you enter, so you need to redo all 3 lower instances every time you want to enter Nightmare.

Visitor instance: lvl 70-88, 5 keys
Veteran instance: lvl 100-120, 10 keys, veteran recommendation
Elite: lvl 150-165, 15 keys, elite recommendation
Nightmare: lvl 200+, 30 keys, nightmare recommendation

Once you talk to Bast and accept quest, you get teleported to the Instance waiting room, where there are storage/instance point converter, pot, deregistration, and instance box/repair/appraise/refine npcs (4 total).

Instance point converter is for moving your points across your characters.

They turn instance points into untradeable jams that you can move through storage to other chars.

Instance box cost 1000z each. There are Bronze Silver and Gold boxes for each class for each instance.

Nightmare gold box requires 5000 points, Nightmare random box needs 6000 points.
Visitor boxes require 150(bronze), 300(silver), 500(gold) and 600 (random) points in comparison.
If you have enough instance points, using a box will spawn you a box monster that will drop an item when killed.
Elite boxes must be killed with elite chars and so on, else they won't drop anything.

After about 15min waiting you get ported to Seth Shrine B1. Use this time to transfer your gems/gear to your chars.

You are given the quest and 200 Soul Waters.

Soul waters are taken each time a mob is killed. Everyone gets 1 instance point per mob in visitor, 2 in veteran, 5 in elite, and 10 in nightmare.

This is why people spend more time killing mobs in elite/nightmare.

There is a death count - if the whole group dies 75 times in total (resu doesn't prevent counting!) you fail the instance.

Time limit: 1h15min. Greater point rewards for completing instance if you finish faster, e.g. <45min, <30min. Most instances finish in 30 minutes or less.

You move from B1 to B4, killing one boss per level.


B1 and B4 are small maps.





Beware the stairs.
They are hard to climb sometimes.
Run zigzag, walk, or take shoes off and keep trying.
If you die, wait for the mobs to walk off before respawning (you respawn at stairs).

Boss room:

if you die in the lower half of the boss room, pray for a cleric to res you.
If you respawn, you end up in a room full of monsters, and will probably die 10-20 times trying to run back.
You can also try run through the wall and tele to another room to heal+wear flame set.


With the new patch, normal mobs MUST be killed first.
There is a chance to get a boss box from a normal mob which will allow you to spawn boss from switch.
So far this method is the fastest but this may change with patch.

-Kill eggs in B1, get B1 boss box, *immediately* spawn boss, kill boss
-Kill more eggs in B1, get B2 boss box, *immediately* spawn boss, kill B2 boss.
-Return to B1, clear eggs and hopefully get B3 boss box, kill B3 boss, then go B4.

* Spawning more than one boss box (e.g. by killing two eggs at same time) means the instance cannot be completed, it's a bug.

Stand a distance back from the boss switch, let the lurer spawn the boss and run in circles.
Everyone else hits boss, nothing else.

Lurer should run first and pull all the mobs.
Wait outside the boss room until everything is chasing the lurer and boss spawns.
Hit boss.

After rebuffing, lurer runs ahead to clear the way.
Wait outside the boss room until everything is chasing the lurer and boss spawns.
Hit boss.

Mother Wormorg Boss does NOT require normal mobs to be killed.
Rebuff near npc Mitrak.
Eggs hatch into larvae soon after Mother Wormorg spawns.
Ranged chars stand in corner and avoid standing near a larva.
Sometimes a lurer will lure larvae but it's optional.
Lure boss away from respawn spot. Kill boss.

* in elite/nightmare, we spawn the boss to make eggs hatch, kill wormorg larvae until 6 minutes left, then kill boss.
this gives up to 1400 points per elite instance, while allowing spare time to kill the super mama wormorg if it spawns or duplicates.

* Bonus for clearing 200 mobs is 100 IP, 200IP, 500IP and 1000IP for vis/vet/elite/nightmare respectively.

-GET BLUE FLAME gem set to switch to. There are no ranged monsters in instance. If you outrun them, you survive.

- Let the lurer lure. Don't mess up by rushing into the room, and don't lure if you don't know how.

- Use a HP pot as soon as you get hit by anything.

- If there are too few clerics, they should party the tanks first, because they will take the boss aoe damage and need heal.

- Buy weak buff scrolls especially hp/def/dodge in case you can't get a party. These can be bought in waiting room.

- Stick together as a group and focus fire the same mob everyone else is hitting. (same idea as clan wars: gangbang!)

- Other tanks guard the group from accidental lures, or take over the lure if lurer dies.

- Every non-strength class should wait for a tank to gain mob aggro before hitting it. Otherwise, you are forced to run or die.

- If someone lures a mob and dies, the mob aggroes whoever is nearby. So if you have lured too many mobs, put on your blue flames, and run.

Completing visitor in <30min gives 200? points
Completing veteran in <30min gives 450? points
Completing elite in <30min gives 1200? points
Completing elite in <45min gives ? points
Completing elite in <60min gives ? points
Completing elite in <1h15min gives 300? points
Completing nightmare in <30min gives 2250? points
Completing nightmare in <45min gives 1750? points
Completing nightmare in <60min gives 1250 points
Completing nightmare in <75min gives 750 points





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